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Gratitude is a felt state that, like laughter, is best expressed to fully metabolize. Gratitude is the felt experience of recognized nurturing and supportive connection. Gratitude is feeling the gift flowing through connection and opening to the expression of that gift by us. It is participation in vitalizing flow. When we turn towards and rest into the sensation of compression and notice nurturing and support, the experience of gratitude will naturally emerge. The same is true when we turn towards and notice the nurturing and support of the people in our support community, the experience of gratitude will naturally emerge. Turning towards and sensing nurturing and supportive connection, and passing that gift along, is to participate in gratitude and complete the circuit.

Below are areas that are vital to participating in gratitude. Please feel free to add additional areas or add to the gratitude practices already on this wiki:

• Your calendar could be a place to connect with gratitude, before/during/after meetings, noting connections, growth, outcomes and successes with gratitude. Additional calendar gratitude practices:


• Intense physical exercise and deep diaphragmatic breathing open us to powerful experiences of gratitude. Additional experiences that powerfully invoke gratitude:


• Schedule very frequent experiences where gratitude becomes alive. Frequent gratitude experiences or practices:

  • – I pause several times almost everyday and reflect on who and what I am  most grateful for–today, in my past, and in the future that I imagine. I savor this moment, feel the experience of gratitude change my breathing, muscular tenseness, posture, and facial expression. I feel all of this as it happens. I stay with this revery for at least 10 minutes if possible.
  • Melt. Into tenderness. Others have been waiting for us to come out and play.


• Journal about your gratitude and the pleasures in your life, the supportive connections in your life, the abundance in your life, as well as the growing possibilities in life. Additional journaling or writing gratitude practices:


• Recognize an ever-expanding support web, on your calendar, in your journal, in your frequent gratitude experiences. Practices that recognize and expand your gratitude support web:


• Celebrate gratitude with your support web, joining others in intense physical exercise and celebrating those successes. Other opportunities to celebrate gratitude: